IMG_4361               REJUVENATE     RESTORE       RELAX

              through Hatha Yoga!

So what’s Hatha Yoga? It is a more traditional style of yoga that suits the beginner through to the more seasoned yogi. It is a well rounded, holistic practice that centres on asanas –seated postures, standing postures, inversions and pranayama or breathing exercises.

Hatha yoga allows the body to open and the mind to slow.  In Sanskrit “ha” means sun, “ta” means moon.

“Hatha” brings balance between the sun and the moon in you.





“I am looking forward to my third year of weekly sessions with Elizabeth. Whilst I started yoga to help my overall flexibility given recent arthritic knees, I have found that I get much more than this.The generous length sessions start and end with various relaxation positions in a calm ambience.Elizabeth then takes our small group through a broad range of stretches and poses – each week is different.I definitely feel better for the weekly sessions and eagerly look forward to each Monday evening.”

Tim M



“I highly recommend Elizabeth’s classes. She is a kind, supportive and professional teacher who makes time for everyone in the group. Elizabeth encourages us to work at our own pace and ability without feeling pressure. The class sizes are small and we are always made to feel welcome. I really enjoy my weekly yoga fix working with Elizabeth’s relaxed guidance.”

Gen W.